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Wedding Photography by South Pacific Bridal is the in-house photographic company of South Pacific Bridal. We have been in the wedding photographic business for over 16 years. We only use the most renowned local photographers for all our commissions, photographers who have obtained great experienced and are extremely innovative. They are the best of the best. After a pre wedding briefing to discuss the style you want to achieve, they will interpret in stunning digital images, the emotional moments that tell the magical story of your wedding day.


Wedding photography is one of the most important investments you’ll make when planning your wedding. At Wedding Photography by South Pacific Bridal we understand the importance and significance of our role on your special day. We are committed to providing clients with quality wedding photography beyond expectations. We strive to provide you with original breathtaking images, and a personalized service.

With our passion for beautiful imagery, a fresh and innovative approach, a blend of traditional, contemporary and candid styles, we will capture emotional moments that tell your story, your wedding day, your Cairns wedding photographic story.


We are very proud to have some of North Queensland’s leading wedding photographers take photographic commissions on our behalf, for your special day. They all have stunning proven records of achievements, they are the best of the best, and have worked with us for many years.

A pre-wedding photographic meeting between our wedding photographer and you, our client, is so important, because it will be at this time that we get an understanding and feel for the type of memories and reflections you wish to treasure for the rest of your life.


South Pacific Bridal photographyMario is internationally recognized and has produced work in many countries, including, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and Japan. He is credited with contracts such as the New Zealand Tourist Commission, the Canadian tourism commission, both in videography and photography. Mario is the principal videographer for all of South Pacific Bridals video productions, and we are thrilled he has now elected to join our select group of Cain’s finest photographers who we contract exclusively to fulfil or wedding photography commissions. Mario also has a Photo Studio specializing in portrait and special occasion photography, located in The Showground Shopping Centre, Mulgrave Road, opposite Toys for Us.

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South Pacific Bridal photographyHelen has been a professional photographer since 2001, initially starting her career on the reef boats just off the coast of Cairns, Australia. After training with some of the best photographers in Cairns, Hawaii, Gold Coast, Sydney and Japan, Helen found her passion lay mainly within the wedding photography industry. Helen has a professional attitude and a love of creating a lifetime of memories. Helen has photographed a great many weddings for South Pacific Bridal, and still brings a unique individuality to each and every one. Her ability to connect immediately with her clients enables her to convey in vivid images, the personal and emotional experience of their wedding day.

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South Pacific Bridal photographyMy name is Ian and I’m full time professional photographer and a wedding specialist. From huge cultural weddings to intimate elopements, I have had fun photographing them all. When people hear I have photographed over 1,100 weddings they ask if I am sick of them. No I’m not. I love photographing weddings and have become very good at it. I always try to do something new at every wedding and push myself to stay ahead of the constant stream of new hobby photographers that come and go.

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South Pacific Bridal photographyVibeke’s passion for photography has extended over many years, and she brings this passion, as well as her feelings about love, beauty and nature, into her wedding photography. Vibeke is a very dedicated Photographer always willing to go the extra mile, to create stunning images. Living locally and working with other Professional Photographers over the years, she is also able to use knowledge and expertise to create perfect photographic memories of you special day.

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Our set packages cover most situations, however please ring us, we can customized your requirements and your needs.