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Pulling off a surprise wedding


Pulling off a surprise wedding is no easy feat. Particularly if it’s the Groom surprising the Bride, and all the guests are in on the secret.

“Keeping the secret was probably the most important variable” said Simon, the Groom behind this audacious plot.

“The more people you tell, the greater chance of it not remaining a surprise” he continued. “Makes sense right, but I had to to tell the guests if I wanted them to be part of it.”

Simon’s attitude was that if investing anything at all into a moment as memorable as surprising his lover, with her own wedding… then he had to invest everything to make sure it worked. There was no room for half hearted requests to the guests for secrecy, it was serious. They could not tell a soul.

He didn’t tell his guests who else was invited, so everyone was cautious, although his inner circle obviously knew who was in on the act. Simon said his mother was the worst at keeping the secret, if she did it once, she did it a thousand times, saying “When I see you in Fiji”… in the presence of his fiancé.

Simon’s fiancé asked what that was about, but was none the wiser because… well, name a woman paranoid about her wedding being orchestrated behind her back.

“That moment when ALL our guests, 55 people who flew in from around the world, were united in surprise and delight – as the bride became aware of what was happening for the first time, was priceless, worth every sacrifice” he said.

Sometimes, a good surprise can go bad if people feel they were left out of it. So, making the decision early on to not tell EVERYONE this secret, and that it must not be shared with anyone before the big date, 3 months out from the event, was the key to creating a memory that stuck with every guest in a way they will never forget.

“The wedding nearly didn’t happen” Simon recalls. “We went to Fiji on holiday’s, where I asked her to marry me, the day before our wedding was already planned by South Pacific Bridal.” “Fifty odd friends and family from Australia were at the resort already waiting for us and we were expected to arrive by Helicopter, landing on the beach, in front of the chapel, with our guests inside.”

But when Simon popped the question, the answer was NO!