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20+ Reasons Your Destination Wedding Cairns Will Be Unforgettable…

Photo Credit: Ian from Cairns

Hey there lucky wedding guest… join us for our destination wedding Cairns?

“Standing in that stunning chapel was unreal, the atmosphere hard to describe, our day was sensational. From our helicopter arriving, to the photographers and video, a million thank you’s won’t be enough SPB Cairns.”

This is what Patricia and William’s guests said about their destination wedding ceremony in the Alamanda Great Barrier Reef chapel (picture below), Palm Cove. Just north of Cairns, Australia.

Nothing quite fires up the spirit more than an invitation to an unforgettable wedding on the doorstep to one of the world’s seven wonders. Forget the white gloved waiters, big dancing band, crystal candlesticks and gold-rimmed china. If you’ve got room for thinking about your wedding guests enjoyment, and a taste for adventure underpinned by convenient luxury in a small cosmopolitan city committed to entertaining tourists…then you might want to considered a destination wedding in Cairns, Australia.

Just a couple of hours plane flight from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, if the groom flying in to marry his bride by helicopter, landing on the beach in front of the chapel you see below isn’t enough to permanently etch your wedding into the memory bank of every guest, the horse drawn carriage carrying you both to your reception will, and that’s just the beginning.

Chapel Palm Cove

Chapel Palm Cove

20+ more reasons guests will never forget your destination wedding in Cairns


1. Bungy Jumping

Views from this Bungy tower are breathtaking and spectacular as it is high enough to see the Coral Sea and mountains around Cairns and as AJ Hackett himself agrees is the most spectacular Bungy site in the world, being perched above a gorgeous pool of clear, crisp mountain water and surrounded by waterfalls and tropical rainforest.

2. Recreational Fishing

This part of the world enjoys beautiful warm weather most of the year and the tropical waters are  brimming with exotic sea life making the far North “THE” place for recreational fishing, whilst  protecting the fragile ecosystem by promoting…if you ain’t gonna eat it…then release it!

3. Cairns to Cape York 4WDCairns to Cape York 4WDing

Yep it’s a minimum 4 day trek but you get to survive rugged 4WDing, secluded camping, remote beaches and fantastic fishing plus pass through some interesting small towns such as Cooktown, Coen and Weipa.

4. Cooktown Heritage Trail

You can take a break from your Cairns to Cape York 4WDing and go on a hike through Cook Towns  diverse habitats displaying unique flora and fauna ranging from Mangrove lined boardwalks, tropical  rainforest, rocky headlands, and impressive sand dunes.

5. Crystal Cascades

This secluded freshwater swimming hole is surrounded by boulders and hidden by a tropical rainforest  that keeps it cool and refreshing, with a series of beautiful waterfalls that flow into large pools, it’s an  absolute dream!

 6. The Undara ExperienceUndara

Explore the vast underground labyrinth of ancient and  mysterious lava tunnels and caves, or sip  Sparkling Wine  while enjoying the sun setting over the breathtaking Australian landscape..whichever  you choose – the  Undara Experience showcases some of the finest Australian scenery and an abundance  of native  Australian wildlife and is a perfectly magical place.

 7. Scenic Helicopter Flights

What a way to see the far North – experience Green Island surrounded by lush rainforest and the beautiful blue ocean, or the Great Barrier Reef where the contrasts between the coral and ocean will leave you speechless as you see plenty of marine life including small reef sharks, manta rays, dolphins, schools of fish, and birds. Another option for a full Great Barrier Reef experience is to fly from either Port Douglas or Cairns to see more rainforests with cascading waterfalls then land on the Great Barrier Reef where you can get into the water to snorkel and spend the day on a pontoon before cruising back to your destination in style aboard a luxurious catamaran.

Helicopter Flights Cairns

8. Barramundi Heli Fishing Safari

Another journey for the fishing lovers…jump on a helicopter to spend 3 days minimum in remote jungle streams where barramundi, mangrove jacks, and saratoga are plentiful – the locations are numerous and variety of fish are abundant with amazing scenery, crocodile spotting and the seclusion of the Australian outback this is fishing on a level that very few can only dream of.

9. Cairns Parasailing

Go solo or tandem – there’s nothing like being towed through the sky behind a boat and being lowered so you can drop gently in the water and then be hiked back up 300 feet into the air!

10. Cairns Rapids Kayaking 7 White Water  RaftingWhite Water Rafting Cairns

The Mulgrave River fluctuates in flow according to the  amount of rainfall and is perfect for first timers and those  who want the experience…but not the danger of white  water rafting.

11. Cairns Sky Diving

Want to freefall at 200 kilometres an hour with World Heritage Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef views? Take half a day off to do the jump from either Mission Beach or Cairns.

12. Cairns White Water Rafting

Rivers in Cairns vary from mild to wild, so you can choose either gentle rivers for newly weds rafting or your first time introduction, or absolutely raging torrents where you need to keep your wits about you and listen to your guide. These guides are fully trained and have experience handling the raging waters plus have an intimate knowledge of its curves, bends, drops and tricky spots.

13. Flecker Botanical Gardens Cairns

The Flecker Botanical Gardens are a tropical oasis of native Australian gardens and are maintained to lush  standards, with many plants that cannot be seen elsewhere in the world.

14. Cairns Night ZooCairns Night Zoo

Visit the Cairns Zoo at night and enjoy a wildlife tour of an evening –  that’s after a delicious Aussie BBQ with complimentary beverages  plus some great local live music!

15. Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures

Get quite close to these amazing creatures as they laze in the sun in this natural environment and watch as they lay perfectly still like statues for hours with their mouths wide open cooling off.

16. Cairns Casino

If you’re in Far North Queensland and you like to bet in style, then The Reef Casino is where you want to go. It  is considered as Cairns’ most exclusive five star hotel, with an amazing glass dome rooftop plus boutique  shopping outlets.

17. Australia’s Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef

If you’re in Cairns there is only one place you MUST visit – The Great Barrier Reef of course! Take in the  incredible dense coral formation and beautiful ocean life living in the sparkling crystal blue waters.

18. Frankland Island Walk

This coral cay is really unique as it was formed with the Great Dividing Range and has remained exposed as sea levels have risen.

 19. Night Diving Cairns

See the Cairns Great Barrier Reef at night on the best known  liveaboard scuba diving vessels, the  Scubapro vessels of Pro Dive. These are multi-million dollar purpose built dive vessels that visit the  edges of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef over three spectacular nights.

20. Michaelmas Cay National Park

See the migrating flocks of birds when you visit this unique sand cay either by private boat or by booking a commercial reef tour.

21. The Daintree and Cape Tribulation Rainforests

These rainforests are ones not to miss with their beautiful and unique wilderness. Take a 4WD tour with the passionate rainforest tour guides who love the mountains and rainforests and will show you the delights and beauty of this world heritage listed rainforest region.

22. Cairns Night MarketsTjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

Spend an evening strolling through this open air market in  Cairns that’s full of locally made goods and a  myriad of  food options.

23. Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

Here you can watch the wonderful play about the ancient spirit of the barna, showcasing the 40,000-year-old Aboriginal culture through dance and song. There are also interactive activities with Aboriginal people who teach authentic traditional culture and customs.

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